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Kitchellence Sharpener For Knives – Multi Stage Sharpening Device Review

Kitchellence Sharpener For Knives – Multi Stage Sharpening Device Review

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Kitchellence Sharpener For Knives – Multi Stage Sharpening Device Review

The Kitchellence sharpener comes with multiple slots for sharpening the blades of different knives. You can easily restore the shine and sharpness of different blades using this equipment. It has Diamond sharpening rod that can straighten damaged blades without any problems.

Along with that, you can also restore the original shape and give it a clean polish using the different slots given in the unit. It is very convenient to use on any flat surface as it comes with an ergonomic handle to safely grip the unit.

The best part about choosing this product is that it comes with a cut resistant gloves and this provides you added security. The non-slip bottom helps you to hold the unit on a flat surface and you can easily sharpen the knives without taking any risk.

The body is made of strong plastic and it can easily last for many years. You can even get the best money back guarantee from the company and this shows the confidence of the company about the Kitchellence Sharpener For Knives.


You can get the best polish for the kitchen knives and also straighten them using the diamond sharpening slot in the unit.

  • It comes with innovative slots for different tasks
  • The first slot is used to straighten damaged blades
  • The second slot gives the best sharpness and restore the shape
  • The third slot is used to give a good polish to the blades
  • Comes with an attractive design


  • The body is made from good quality ABS plastic
  • Also has gloves for added protection
  • Very safe to use in the kitchen
  • Easy to maintain and sharpens knives in quick time
  • Can be easily used for metal as well as ceramic blades


  • Not designed for sharpening serrated knife


The biggest advantage of choosing Kitchellence sharpener comes with the multiple slots for different stages of sharpening knives. The amazing diamond slot can even help you to get the best performance out of damaged knives and you can conveniently straighten them without any problems.

However, make sure that you put the knife in the proper slot and pull them by applying the appropriate amount of force. Make sure that you use it in only one direction and this gives the best results in a short duration of time.

You will also be able to polish the knives using the other slots and this is the main advantage of using the unit. It is also very light in weight and you can conveniently move it around the kitchen without any problems.

Using the gloves provided along with the product gives you additional security and there is no risk of any injury while using the sharpening unit. It is also very easy to clean the unit and it does not require much maintenance on a regular basis.

Make sure that you keep the unit in proper condition and do not use wet and oily knives in the sharpening unit.


The advantage you get with Kitchellence sharpener is that it can be used effectively to sharpen different varieties of knives in the kitchen. On the other hand, when you compare other products like Work Sharp culinary sharpener, you will notice that it has a honing steel rod that sharpens the knives.

The problem with such equipment is that they are not able to sharpen the knives evenly through the edges. However, the Kitchellence sharpener does an amazing performance in this regard and you will notice that it gives the best performance throughout the length of the knife.

In the same manner, you can also straighten the knife using this unit which is not possible with other varieties of the sharpener. In the same way the Wamery sharpener also offers similar features but it is very bulky when compared to the Kitchellence sharpener. In this regard, you will notice that this unit gives you long lasting performance without any inconvenience.


The Kitchellence sharpener has the best ergonomic design and you can conveniently use the multi-step sharpening system for improving the performance of kitchen knives. When you are dealing with a damaged knife, you can choose the first slot provided in the unit and straighten the knives without any problems.

It can conveniently be used for ceramic as well as steel knives without any hassles. The advantage of getting a good polish on the knife adds more value to this product.

It is very safe to use such products for sharpening the knives as the unit has a slip resistant bottom and you can also hold the unit safely in one hand while you use the other hand to sharpen the knives. This eliminates the risk of any injury and you can safely use it in the kitchen.

The straightening feature is yet another added advantage that is usually not found in other similar products. This helps you to get the complete value out of expensive knives and there is no need to throw them when they become blunt.

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